Twitter Live Stream


Welcome to LaunchWatch! Have you watched a NASA Space Shuttle launch? How about a Russian Soyuz launch? Or even a commercial space launch? Well this is place to share the joy of a launch with those around the world! There are three simple steps to take to check in!

  1. Begin by selecting a launch from the drop down in the upper right hand corner. The map will then populate with location markers for people around the world who have watched this launch. Click them to see more details about the person! Note: You will only be able to add your location to active launches.

  2. Now that you've selected the launch you've watched you need to check in yourself. Most likely your location has automatically been detected and is found at the red marker. If your detected location is not correct, the marker can be dragged to a correct location. Either right-click anywhere on the map, or click the marker itself, and then select Check In.

  3. Finally, fill out the form with your name, Twitter handle (if you have one), and any comments you have on the launch. Your address will have been filled in automatically and should not need to be changed. Click Check In and a moment later you'll see yourself added to the global community who have watched this launch!

Ready to get started? Just hit the close button below and enjoy the launch!